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bonusses 2020

in march 2021 employees bonusses added up to euro 32.000 we supported 17 foundations

(Nederlands) Corona boek en poster

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bonusses Transfer Solutions 2018

Employees  of Transfer Solutions over 2018 give part of their bonus over 2018 to different self chosen projects

the company doubles the gift

over 2018  the bonusses mounted up to Euro 31.000

Transfer Solutions schaatst voor African Hands

Kerstpakketten 2018

In 2018 hebben 35 medewerkers van Transfer Solutions hun kerstpakket geschonken aan Havonos, die een computerlokaal inricht voor beroepsonderweijs in Sri Lanka.

supporting coffeefarmers in Flores Indonesia

From 2019 -2021 Transfair will support 500 farmers to grow coffee-plants with the use of organic means. We will train them bij hiring 3 teachers and provide the seeds and plants


(Nederlands) Anne-Fleur loopt marathon van New York voor KiKa

Bonusses 2017

This year Euro 24.000 has been donated


hnepal1Nepal suffered an incredible heavy earthquack. over 250.000 houses have been destroyed.

Over 7000 people died. One of the daughters  of Erna van Dieren, employee of Transfer Solutions stayed for half a year with a family who need to rebuild their house

Rice harvest

Over 2,000 kilos of rice has been harvested for Project Santo Gerardus! The deaf and blind children have already planted the new rice plants. The vegetable field has been planted with tomatoes, eggplants, peppers and various types of cabbage and is looking great. Also follow this project on Facebook.

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