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Rice harvest

Over 2,000 kilos of rice has been harvested for Project Santo Gerardus! The deaf and blind children have already planted the new rice plants. The vegetable field has been planted with tomatoes, eggplants, peppers and various types of cabbage and is looking great. Also follow this project on Facebook.


The eggplant harvest on Tanah Sary, by and for the deaf and blind people of Karya Murni in Flores, yielded fresh healthy food and a whopping 5,000,000 rupiah from the sale of superfluous vegetables!

Aubergines Flores

Apple orchard Flores off to a good start

Visitors’ donations to the projects in Flores have made it possible for a farming co-op supported by Yayasan Ayo Indonesia to receive intensive training and start growing apple trees.

Apple orchard

We are training farmers to start an apple orchard in Flores, Sumba. We have also paid for the seedlings.

Items donated by Bartimeus

The Dutch institute for the blind, Bartimeus, has donated toys, educational items and lighted magnifiers. 100 kilos of items were brought to Indonesia by a score of volunteers.

Project Sumba Malaria Free started

A malaria project has been started on Sumba. Its goal is to rid Sumba of Malaria entirely.
Drs. Monique van der Sande moves into the office of Yayasan Harapan SumbaCheck the project page for details and information!