Malaria Free Sumba

A number of organisations are active on Sumba, each in their own way. They bring their own knowledge, experience, specialists, and other methods to rid the island of Malaria. This alliance was initiated by the Transfair Indonesia Foundation. The following organizations are now cooperating:

The World Health Organisation has offered to support this project and has provided 18,000 mosquito nets. Unicef, not being active on Sumba themselves, has asked Transfair Indonesia to help in the distribution. A team of five of Transfair Indonesia's employees, headed by Ronny Malek, has been assigned to this project. Dr Monique van der Sande, active on Sumba since October 2013, is training 95 local volunteers as malaria experts. Other institutions have also pledged mosquito nets, malaria tests and medication. Very few aid organisations are active on Sumba. Malaria is a large risk here and due to the lack of education on the subject the locals don't know how to prevent infection or how the disease spreads. We are looking to change this. After starting this project the number of deaths from malaria on Sumba has already dropped by 40%!